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Grab the best deal for gaming keyboards. We are a global online seller for branded devices at affordable prices, dedicated to deliver the ordered product to Australia, USA, UK, China, Brazil, & several other parts of the world on time & with care!
As a gamer, your choice for gaming keyboards can either make or break the gaming experience. The quality of a keyboard is classified by the type of switch technology, customization of keyboards, actuation force, actuation distance, noise level, durability & tactility. Our mechanical keyboards have all positive qualities that can enhance your gaming experience.

Let’s buy gaming keyboards online at genuine prices!

1.Mechanical Vs. Membrane Keyboards
When it comes to a classic-looking and sturdy keyboard, the first name that strikes in our mind is a mechanical keyboard. It is a made with high-quality plastic key switches. They comprise of keycap (the top cap), stem (underneath the keycap), and housing (the case holding all components).
Modern mechanical keyboards have tactile switches that need to be pushed halfway only. They have backlit keycaps that allow LED light to pass through the cap.
Membrane keyboards or rubber dome keyboards are the most commonly used keyboards. They have a simple structure and ideal for budget-conscious gamers.

2.Selecting the Right Gaming Keyboards

The gaming market offers plethora of choices to choose from. However, there are some characteristics that help select the right gaming keyboards.

Actuation Force

It is the force that we apply to press the key on a keyboard. It measures how hard you press the key so that the keyboard can recognize it. A standard keyboard has 45 to 60 grams of actuation force.

Actuation Distance

Remember, shorter actuation distance cannot make you a better gamer, because you can make more keyboard mistakes. It is the distance in which the switch needs to depress. The standard actuation distance is 2 mm or as low as 1 mm.

Noise Levels

It depends on the type of game you are playing or the place you are playing. Mechanical keyboards make noise, whereas membrane keyboards don’t.


It is the feedback that you get as you hit a key. The feedback is audible as it creates a clicking sound. Mechanical keyboards are more tactile.


It depends on how many keystrokes a keyboard can allow you. It is the lifespan of the keyboard. So, branded gaming keyboards are always the best choice.


A branded keyboard can range as low as $60 and can be of $200. However, a branded durable keyboard is always the first choice than its pricing.

Key Features of Our Branded Keyboard Collection-

    • Provide an impeccable control over the keys
    • A durable device
    • More responsive to keystrokes (over 100 million times keystrokes)
    • Tactile by providing stronger feedback
    • Shining backlight with RGV keyboard (an advanced LED backlit keyboard)
    • Waterproof/dustproof/anticorrosion
    • Full key programmable

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